So if I haven’t told you enough times I’m on holiday! At Hawes actually! This post might be a bit late but here it is anyways.

So, we started off at a random sheep auction in the middle of nowhere. That was… interesting? Anyone up for a lamb chop? Well I’ve never tried one. So we went over to the place where the best cheese is made, the Wensleydale cheese factory! Free sample heaven. Not even joking. XD! Next, we went on a walk and this is where it gets interesting! So we went from our campsite (we were at pitch 99 at the Hawes campsite) up to some cattle. We needed to get across but didn’t want to be chased by a bull. We took the sheep-way. Full of rams and young sheep! Once we got to our destination we paid to get to the waterfall. There it was! What we came here for!

The waterfall was right in-front of us! Extremely misty! Amazing! Huge! 100% worth it. We saw some ducks. Mallard ducks! Or should I say mallard duck, just one! With its ducklings. AT A WATERFALL!

So after that, we walked back. On the way back we saw some random guy with a rifle in a sheep-less field. Not a clue why. He was just there. That confused me. We then saw two lambs in the field! It was like a reunion! They both ran into each other 😂! The final thing was two five-ish year olds. In a bull-filled field. With there mum. WHY? Well… that’s about it. I’m not posting every day but this day was too interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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